Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus or VSB is one of its kind video creation software designed and developed in such a way that even anyone with zero technical skills can now create videos without waiting long or learn any of the technical know how. In all sincerity this recently launched product has instantly proved to be the fastest and easiest to use Video Creation Software ever created!

Video Spin Blaster SoftwareMany online marketers delay their video marketing plans because they do not know where to begin with in the first place. Most of the video creation software packages are either very expensive or complicated which need long learning period even to start thinking of video creation. Some of the software do video creation but no human voice which again becomes expensive to be outsourced to a voice over artist.

By using VSB and its awesome features you can now create videos on the fly with an amazing text-to-speech engine which adds human voice over automatically and attention grabbing effects with the click of two buttons! You have a choice of selecting from over 50 different male and female voices. Voiceover is the biggest worry haunting the aspiring video marketers.

Frank and honestly VSB defeats all its competitors hands down. Listen why? You’ll be amazed to find out that VSB is an awesome 4 in 1 software executing four cool functions to create your money making promotional or review videos easy and fast:

1. Video Creation

You can create and render eye-catching videos with amazing text-to-speech human voices and attention grabbing effects just by a few clicks, without waiting for long. This unique system will render 10 minutes long HD videos in less than one minute!

Click The Video Below – Creating A Business Video Using Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus:

2. Text To Voice or Speech Conversion

VSB features a new and improved text to speech engine. Now you can add custom text and audio on each of your slides and instantly you can create high quality human voice rich videos to promote new products launch or any affiliate products that you wish to promote.

Click Below – Video Created With Auto-Generated Female Voice Using VSB Pro Plus!

VSB comes with the most natural text-to-speech human (male and female) voices never heard before. The software also supports many languages – Japanese, Chinese, Catalan, Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, English UK, English US, English India, English Australia, Finish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

CLICK the Video Below – It Reveals the 10+ Languages Supported by VSB Pro:

3. Mass Watermark

You can watermark a folder of videos, using random watermarks and random placements with just two clicks!

4. Video Spinner

By spinning a video Video Spin Blaster can generate hundreds or thousands of unique copies of the same video file. Surprisingly true is the fact that YouTube can not detect your new spinned videos as duplicate. That’s cool isn’t it?

Video Spin Blaster The Basic Product

The basic product with its cool path-breaking features has proved to be the best Video Creator – a happy fact for more than 2000 video marketers who have been creating videos day in and day out and of course making big money online!

VSB Pro Plus comes with more upsell products to leverage your video marketing. You can of course meet most of your video marketing needs with the basic product itself. But if you want to reach a higher video marketing level and make more money by video creation, then here are the upsell products at a glance:

Split Blaster

Makes your video footage a breeze and you need not spend more money for this major video creation component. You can add local videos or download the one which suits your requirement from YouTube. Then Split Blaster will split them, crop them, resize or most importantly remove audio from the downloaded videos. Now you can edit and add your own audio! And all these cool functions with the click of one button!

Video Marketing Blaster

Ranking your videos is crucial for your video marketing success. VMB will identify long tail keywords and related keywords for your selected niche. It will show you your competitors videos weak points and will suggest you meta titles, description and tags to enable you outrank them.

Video Lead Studio Pro

Boosting your videos conversions is crucial for your online success. Do you know having a spokesperson presenting your video will get you an instant boost in credibility? You’ll also get higher retention rate and more leads. VLS allows you to add an intro and outro spokesperson to your video.

Live Event Blaster Pro

This component exploits the power of YouTube Live Events. You can get instant top YouTube and Google rankings using this unique method of YouTube live events. LEB automates the whole process of creating and streaming YouTube events.

How Does VSB Work and Perform?

VSB software works on Microsoft Windows platform. It’s already tested and is easy to use. Also you can use VSB in combination with any other video creator tools or standalone. If you have done videos using VideoMaker FX, Explaindio, Doodly or Easy Sketch Pro – you can now edit them, add text-to-human-voice component and render them as new videos with more value in both conversions and sales.

CLICK the Video Below – Check How This Video Was Created In 3 Easy Simple Steps – Awesome!:

So you have it all, perhaps more than you ever expected! If you are a person shy of facing camera or talk over the video, now you need not hesitate to create your first video. Go ahead, grab this low-price launch offer. The price started with $27. Mind you it is a dime sale and with every sale the price is moving up. Today the price is $40. So catch this unique video creation tool quickly for its real worth. You’ll definitely need it in your marketing arsenal and you’ll be happy when you start creating your money pulling videos! Hope you won’t get addicted, but again addiction to making money from creating your videos is of course, not bad at all.


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